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Saturday, December 27, 2008

oh me oh my

Christmas is over and thank goodness. I felt so behind this year.
But I did score a lovely date in portland with mr.heter that includes Wicked the musical. Yes please.

It's been a wintery disaster all over oregon, something we are not used to. Eugene has had it easy compared to salem and portland which are ice cubes. People living in places with real winter weather udoubtedly think we're giant weenies. The difference is that in places where snow is a regular occurance, plowing streets is part of the budget. gravel is put on more than two streets in town. People own chains and know how to drive in the snow. This is not the case in these parts. The city of eugene was basically worthless as far as fixing hazardous road conditions.
Anywhoo, the storms seem to be over and weather permitting, Myself and my ladies will be leaving for Denver on the 2nd. We're going to stay at an adorable pop culture themed Hotel in downtown Denver called the Curtis. This trip is our vacation/christmas present to eachother/do we wanna move here in June? trip. I'm basically missing a weeks worth of work to go, and will of course be dirt poor upon returning but hey, nothing new really.
This tuesday I am going to my first knitting circle. It was only a matter of time really.
I have also started teaching myself how to bead necklaces and other jewelery type things.Harder than you'd think. and more expensive.
I'm also reading the collected works of Jane Austen (although, despite the mammoth size of this book I have misplaced it in my home somewhere) and a biography of Andrew Jackson. Both delightful. I'm so looking forward to all my lovely just for me reading.
Oh, this is a delightful tidbit. My application for my degree was denied. Let me tell you why. Last year I took a History Class which was about europe overall but was supposed to count as the last course for my french minor as long as I did my final project on France. Which, I did. Sooo, the catch is that my advisor has to make the final call, saying that indeed this course counts. Several email exchanges were made where I was paranoid and probably annoying, making sure that this class would count. I was assured by my advisor over and over that there would be no issue. well guess what, ISSUE. whatever he was supposed to do to make my class count, he didn't do it. motherfucker. So now I get to do some hoop jumping. awesome. But for all practical purposes I'm graduated. And I don't plan to do a damn thing. Not a thing. I'm going to try to get another job, which is practically impossible since nobody is hiring. But i'm going to bead, and crochet, and
read, and just generally be an 80 year old woman.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monday will be the beginning of week ten, and after that finals. My last final is December 11th. and then I'm done. I still owe the school over $700 that I'll have to pay before they give me my degree but for all practical purposes I'm done.
This begs the question- what the hell am I going to do with myself??
I've had quite a bit of downtime the last few days and it gets old pretty fast. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm lucky to have all this free time but TV and internet really only hold my interest for so long. Hopefully I can fill some time with work-either more Marie's or something else. I'm trying to get a job at an event/wedding planner in town. I sent resumes and will be calling them to see if there is anything available. I know it has nothing to do with my degree but I think I could be really good at it so, why not give it a whirl.
Speaking of giving things a whirl, we booked our denver trip yesterday.
I'm going to look into taking some dance classes and jewelery making classes to fill some free time as well. And I'm hoping david can help me learn to use photoshop.

right now I'm applying at barnes and noble and borders. If I get a job there, I'll have discounts on books, and so the free time problem will be completely taken care of

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

post-halloween, post-flower shop. post-election.

Halloween is over and our party was epically...epic. Our floors are still sticky from jungle juice spills but that's the price we pay. That, and my straightener, my phone, my makeup remover, melissa's makeup, melissa's mousse, melissa's floss, jason's razor, jason's cologne, and jason's hair gel. All stolen from our bathroom. Really really classy. However, our costumes were phenomenal.

The flower shop is over. RIP being miserable. I hated that job. hated my boss. hated never seeing my friends or my boyfriend. hated never having time for anything. Over it.
Thought I could work two jobs and go to school full time but I was wrong. So, I am resigned to being poor until I'm done with school in, that's right, five weeks. We won't talk about that right now.On the bright side, I learned how to arrange flowers and make dried wreaths. And developed a love for these: Pin cushion scabiosa

Barack Obama is the fucking president. Amazing much? I think so. I'm elated. Democratic congress. Democratic President. Hopefully now we can get some shit done. Hopefully I won't be completely screwed when I'm off my parents health insurance. Hopefully I won't be paying back loans for the next twenty five years. hopefully I can get a good job with my expensive degree. hopefully this is as exciting as we all think it is.

In other news the twilight movie comes out in about three weeks. --piddle--

Monday, October 20, 2008

I never do my reading, I go to eighties night instead

I am so epically behind in school. Full time work plus full time school is such a terrible idea. Because limited free time means that decisions must be made. Priorities must be in order. Mine never are. Homework never ever beats a night out with friends. I mean, homework doesn't even beat out drinking chocolate milk in the living room with Melissa.

Homework has also been losing, most recently, to the fine art of constructing ghosts from cheesecloth and a wondrous product called "stiffy"

Halloween is a fantastic holiday. It is centered on playing dress up and eating candy when you are a kid. As you get older it centers on playing dress up and getting drunk. Also, it offers great opportunities for decorating one's home and scaring children. To quote Martha, It's a good thing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

factors like laziness, too much time at work, and my computer being out of commission have kept me from writing.
Back in school, for my last term. Freaking out accordingly.
TFA is no longer happening.
Apparently the GREs have math and science on them, both of which I've been avoiding like the plague since high school. oops my bad.
I bought two pencil skirts, something I've wanted to do for a long time.
Halloween is soon. We're gonna have a party and I'm gonna do it up. Decorating for holidays is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.
My notebook for school is full of lists of things to get done on my day off. day. one. per week. not counting school. If we're counting school, then I actually don't have days off. but it's fine. I'm fine. Don't worry about it. I'm not worried about it.
This time is my designated homework time. Instead I'm doing this.
I'm making scott a Rufio costume for halloween. it's going to be amazing. I bought clay to make him a bone necklace and i'm going to make him a quiver of arrows as well. I'm tinkerbell.
room mates are delightful. jason dances and sings all over the house.
The fall trees are amazing. My drive to work at marie's is surprisingly pretty,.
I work at the flower shop on the corner and still haven't decided if i like it. I love the flowers, but the job itself is really unstructured and I feel like my boss relies too much on me. i'm the only employee.
having two jobs is at once horrible and wonderful. two jobs allowed me to buy pencil skirts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

three years later

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If I was Oprah

and this was my 'favorite things show' (which, by the way, i just...ugh. nevermind. Oprah irritates me sometimes.) then these are some things that I would suggest everyone love right along with me.

Lara Jade photography. discovered her on deviantart.
This hookah. It will be mine someday.
Twilight books. don't argue.
Metalocalypse on Adult Swim
This hilarious website called things my girlfriend and I have argued about

eh, thats it for now.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So i've been teetering between leaving this as a journal and linking it on the book. I've decided to link it. So, the blog idea, now that it will officially transition from journal to blog, must be credited to my boyfriend. I'm a copycat. He started one before me.

tye dye and boobies

This is my favorite picture from the Oregon Country fair. I highly recommend the fair, by the way. It's fairly amazing. And lots of boobs, if you're into that.

Man on stilts? check
quiltwork? check
crazy face painting? check
Gnome? ...check

**also note baby in the bottom right. "what the fuck mom? I'm gonna have nightmares for week"

The petshop lied to me.

I mentioned my baby, winston. I've been feeling picture happy so I wanted to put some pictures of him on here. I would like to start however, by explaining that he was supposed to be a dwarf rabbit. When I bought him, he could sit on the palm of one hand. The woman at the pet store told me he wouldn't get much bigger than that and she lied. a lot.
Winston's favorite foods are electrical cords and carpet. His favorite game is 'the floor is lava' which is why we've had to arrange a series of carpet islands on our hardwood floors. behold his cuteness.

Baby Winston. He was painfully adorable then.

This is Winston being very unhappy. We took him camping at the beach and he had to wear a harness.Winston in his shirt. I got a lot of shit for making him wear it. And for buying it in the first place. whatever, he looks stunning.

Ha, for size comparison. The first picture gives you a bunny-near-head size comparison, and in this picture you can see he has AT LEAST doubled in size.


I'm a scene and I'm completely okay with it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The book of secrets

I carry little books around with me and fill them with my musings. By musings I mean to do lists, ideas for papers, grocery lists, lists of things I want, lists of things I need, lists of ideas for birthday gifts, lists of places I want to go, lists of things I want to write about on here, etc. There's absolutely nothing interesting in there. Despite this fact, I have an anxiety attack anytime someone tries to read through it. This is why my boyfriend has dubbed it the book of secrets. I tried really hard a couple times to let him look at it but failed because he could tell how uncomfortable I was. This makes me crazy, I realize. There isn't anything I can do about it though, so I'll just have to accept the crazy label and move on.
Both books have french words all over them. This makes me cool and romantic.

Now I know why everyone hates vista

I am so goddamn frustrated with my computer that I could just throw it. I won't because I don't even own it yet, but god would it feel good. So I kept getting corrupt file messages and that kind of fun business in relation to my less than six month old printer. I uninstalled the printer and went to reinstall it. I figured that this would fix the problem because, well, it fixes 99% of computer problems. alas, now i can't reinstall my printer software. i keep getting an error message and the HP help people sent me about 100 solutions, none of which worked even a little and i'm starting to feel helpless. I've probably put five hours of my life into this problem, and all i really want to do is print really disgustingly adorable pictures of my boyfriend and i and my bunny so i can put them up in my room and look at how amazing we are all the time. is that too fucking much to ask?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

20 going on 50

I will turn 21 in three weeks. I've been waiting to turn 21 forever (or at least it seems that way) and I can already feel that it's going to be anti-climatic. This is probably because I feel like I've been twenty since I was twelve, and that these days I feel like I'm creepin up on 30. I'm practically married, with one baby (Winston my Bunny). We live in a cute house in a neighborhood full of young married couples and bicycle riders (I feel bad every time I get in my car, but I'm too lazy not to). Nothing gets me quite as excited as buying housewares. My back and hips go out on me constantly and my first priority most mornings is to water the garden and feed Winston. I made pork chops and corn last night. This seems ridiculous but that made me feel very grown up, even though the pork chops were terrible.

The fam.

These are a couple lj posts about my ridiculous family.

Story 1, Robby has a cute ass.
June 18, 2006
Definately glad to be home on fathers day. Regardless of how much my family might irritate me, I do miss them. We had a barbeque at my grandparents house today and it was very enjoyable...I'm pretty close with most of my family so any time I can spend with them is good. Sarcasm emminates from these people. my people. I love it. There's also some unchecked sexual tension. this is a snippet of a conversation between my uncle rob and grandma:
"careful robby, don't get your pants dirty"
"(chuckles) oh no I wouldn't want to do that. these are my second best pair of jeans"
"well I think they look nice"
"It's just the way I fill them out"
"You do have a cute ass, robby"

Story 2, STOLED ***note, this is basically the first story I ever told my boyfriend about my family, and he still agreed to meet them all at once, a month after this story took place, which was less than two weeks after we began dating officially. He's a trooper.
December 17, 2006
**this story has been edited for content. it has been reformatted to fit your tv screen.
Let me give you the background on this story. My little brother stole "tomatoes" from my parents. Yeah, I know. We're not trashy. really. But my parents "eat tomatoes", and apparently my brother thought they just wouldn't notice if he 'borrowed' some for his buddies. Idiot.

This is a conversation between my mother and I:
Mom: It's not so much that he's "eating tomatoes" it,even though I would rather he didn't, it's that he stoled from us.
Me:whoa mom. hold on...andy did what to the "tomatoes"?
Mom: well, he stoled it
Me: no mom. andy never stoled anything.
Me:no mom, he STOLE it. stoled is not, and has never been, a word
Mom: yes! yes it is. stoled, that's the past of stealing.
Me: no mom, stole. I stole a bike. andy stole your "tomatoes". stole
Mom: no, that's not right. it's stoled.
Me: mom, I drove home today. I didn't droved.
At this point my mom is going through the dictionary, and when she looks to my dad for support he shakes his head at her, because STOLED IS NOT A WORD.
Mom: you guys are going to get so much shit when I prove this to you.
Me and Dad: no, no we're not.'re wrong.
By now, my mom is on the page containing the verb, 'to steal'. She starts reading "stolen" to us like that's what she was saying. We don't let her get away with it. She then grabs a pen and adds a 'd' to the word "stole" in the dictionary, closes it and says "it's in there now."

Where to begin

I decided to do this mostly because writing things, and making lists, helps me to organize my mind. I also have always loved looking back over journals and diaries at the things that worried/excited me when different things mattered. I haven't kept a journal in a long time, other than my book of secrets which barely counts (i'll post on the book of secrets.). I'm going to import a couple of posts from an old Livejournal that I kept when I was feeling especially emo. The weepy posts will not make it to this blog as they are FAR too embarrassing to be shared, but there are a couple tid bits on my family that made me giggle.