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Saturday, June 18, 2011

See Joseph Nap.

He thinks he's wee.

Friday, June 17, 2011

fingers and toes

Been a little hesitant to post these photos because I think toes are gross and also I have old woman knuckles but I've been really enjoying my nail polish recently.

All about the polka dots.
Also, don't judge the fact that I paint outside the lines. It comes off in the shower, OK?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

See you in 3 weeks, sourdough

Oh hi blog. I've neglected you again. Or still.
Been sorta spent after work. Having to use your brain all day is truly exhausting.

For 4 days I've been following the same mostly raw diet as Lauren. It's a 3 week program and I have to admit I'm already counting down.
Love the fruit, don't mind the veggies. Actually kinda like the veggie juice in the morning.

It's really bread that's the problem, or rather the lack of bread. I can eat almost anything if it's on bread. I don't do eggs without bread and I rarely do pasta without bread. In the case of eggs, it's a little extreme. If I run out of bread before I finish my eggs, I have to get up and make more toast. It's inconvenient but I just can't do it otherwise. Even though I love eggs. Not that I can eat eggs on this diet but uh, it's just an example.
So, on this diet, sprouted grain bread is acceptable. And it looks good, smells okay. So I did what Lauren did and I smushed avocado on it. Tried it. Awful. Horribly awful. She drizzled hers with raw honey. I drenched mine. And then it was edible. Barely. I also haven't been very into avocado lately, which used to be a favorite. But let's not blame the avocado. It was that bread. That damned bread.

To summarize,

Happy things about my diet:

Fruit with raw honey. Yeah right amazing.

Veggie juice in the morning that wakes me up better than coffee
and puts me in an awesome mood.

Less happy things about my diet:


Monday, June 6, 2011


So I started my new job a week ago tomorrow. It's been a whirlwind. Our biggest event of the year is on July 3rd and myself and the new event coordinator have been scrambling to get everything together. We came in when it was part way planned and we're trying to learn a LOT in a really short period of time. I'm exhausted but I think I love it.
I know that when we pull the event off, all the stress will be worth it because we will have made this event that thousands of people will enjoy.

Oh and PS, The Oregon Garden is...wait for it...a garden. And it's beautiful. I took a walk at lunch today and took these pictures. I got a couple of the early peonies but there are TONS more just waiting to bloom. So excited.

As you can see, it was overcast today. But warm, and not raining. I'll take it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm lazy when it comes to food. This is because often I don't take action to remedy my hunger until I get to the point of: I MUST HAVE FOOD NOW. When I was vegan, I felt like I was always eating either well prepared and planned out meals or hummus with pita. There was no middle ground. It seemed like any real meal required tons of effort and also expensive ingredients. My brother's friend posted a link to this site. Herbally inclined or no, it has great simple recipes for those looking to avoid meat and dairy.

Here is one example which, by the way, looks amazing. And I love the way they present their recipes.