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Monday, November 29, 2010


is easily my favorite Christmas movie. Followed by Rudolph and then the Grinch
Yay for lights on houses and an excuse to stir cocoa with a candy cane and everything being decorated and the smell of pine.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I forwarded to all of the folks in the office the link below.

In response, Nathan sent:

How do you think they chose which letters to paint first? I would have gone with a left-to-right approach. Or maybe even right-to-left. But the skipped-first-letter-outside-in approach is innovative and I never would have thought of it, which, I guess, is probably why I’ll never be a sign painter.

Nathan gets his shoes shined for fun. He makes his own note-taking paper. He takes his girlfriend to birthday breakfast and then surprises her with a special cake after work. Also, he’s hilarious. I asked Nathan to write a MANual. But he’s hesitant. I’ll keep trying ladies, I’ll keep trying.

In completely unrelated news, this is a real life facebook status that came up on my news feed today:
“*baby’s name* actually chewed the piece of cheese I shared with her! She used to just put it in her mouth & not eat it.. Wow!”

Ooookay. Dear facebook, we need a baby filter. I have friends that I love and whose lives interest me-who also have babies. However, not only do I not care about cheese chewing abilities of infants, I’m pretty irritated that it’s on my newsfeed. I don’t want to filter this person out of my social networking life but the ounce by ounce weight update of the child is really interfering with my ability to efficiently stalk people I never talk to.

Dear obsessive baby status updater: If you happen to be reading this, I love you, I just don’t care how much she weighs today.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reasons to invest in pepper spray

So I’ve written on here about my homeless friends, the lovely men who tell me good morning every day. They’re still around and I still enjoy them thoroughly. However, with daylight savings comes the fact that when I leave work (and within a couple weeks, also when I arrive at work) it is dark and scary. My strategy is usually to have headphones in. I find that scary folks are less likely to talk to/at you if they think you cannot hear them. However, I like to be aware of my surroundings in these situations so I don’t turn my music on until I get on the bus. One especially pleasant gentleman last night told his friend that he was going to “bend her over the stairs and fuck her till she cries”. Her is me. And me was scared. I pretended I didn’t hear him because I didn’t want to encourage any sort of interaction. Resisting the urge to run my ass up the stairs I just stared straight ahead and strolled on. Last week I was coming into work in the morning and I nodded and said good morning to a man while crossing the max tracks. He started saying all the usual things and turned and followed me to my building. He tried to follow me inside but there was a security guard inside the lobby. I found out recently that one of the women who works with me was slapped by a homeless woman right outside our office. She just walked up and slapped her in the face. So basically, I’m a little uncomfortable with this situation. I’m thinking about buying some pepper spray. We have security in the building that we can call to walk us out but they need at least a half hour notice and we don’t always leave at the same time. We’re going to have a ladies meeting at work today to discuss how to make the situation safer but I really don’t know what can be done. In my paranoia I looked up the crime statistics for Old Town/China Town. This did not make me feel better.