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Monday, October 10, 2011

Phone Photos

I love this. Pat's cousins were trying to be sweet and take a photo of us. The iphone wasn't cooperating so I got bored and started looking at the city. Pat got bored and started looking handsome.

Pat and I saw North by Northwest in a little park near downtown. Never knew it existed. Also, that movie was fantastic. I don't know why I haven't seen more old movies.

Pushkina took me to a Ducks game. She even bought me this hat. She's a great Pushkina. We sat next to people who were too large for their seats and were surrounded by cranky folks who didn't like to cheer. So we cheered for them.

bathroom photo at work. I know. Lameo. But I think this is my new favorite outfit.

Pat and I in Seattle at the Gas Works park. I'm bad at taking pictures of us so you can barely see the old machinery behind us. We took a really lovely nap in this park.

Barn Dance

On October 1st, I had my first event. Not the first event I've worked on, but the first event that was actually mine. There's been some turmoil at work, which I won't go into, but it felt really good to get an event under my belt and plus it was super fun.
The event was a Barn Dance and Pig Roast in our Grand Hall which is actually an old Arabian Horse barn so it was perfect. I spent hours cutting and stringing pennants and we used a fork-lift to get 7 1,000lb bales of hay into the space. I arranged flowers for 30 tables and spent hours planning and tracking details. We had a line dance instructor, live band, and DJ. I spray painted little tiny plastic farm animals gold for the centerpieces.
Over 200 people came and folks really enjoyed it, which is the point (that and making money, of course). Pat line danced for over an hour which was, bless his heart, one of the more ridiculous things I've ever seen. Melissa came. All of the Shadypeak boys came, and so did my parents and my friend Jake who brought his lovely girlfriend. It was really great to have people there supporting me and being enthusiastic about something that I really enjoyed creating. I was pretty busy/exhausted/in work mode and didn't take many pictures but when we get them back from the photographer I will definitely post them. The one above is the only one I took. Before we had tables or really anything in there besides pennants and hay.

My mother is going to kill me for posting this. She doesn't always look like that.
Jake and Krystal. Pretty darn cute, right?

Pat being wonderful supportive boyfriend. Also, there's a bull outlined on the back of his shirt. The photos below are of Pat and I dancing at the end of the night.  Photo 1: Aw how sweet.  Photo 2: Inappropriate!