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Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm kindof a stalker.

so, i stumbled upon this tumblr that i think i've mentioned before. this is my is a good heart.
I found my way to this girl's livejournal and have been reading it. it's a button on my browser window. I don't know her. I just read her blog. This isn't the first time. I feel like a total creeper but I'm addicted. I've put up a list of sites i love before but here is a savory new one.
the frisky, particularly their section called thoughts from guys on our im. It has been very enlightening.
Also, take a peek at the blogs I follow for some vegan cooking blogs that are going to probably be my saving grace. once my lazy ass starts cooking.
I made a new feather hair piece today for st.Patrick's day at work tomorrow. it's obnoxious and i adore it.
I also bought a binder and 6ish bridal magazines.
Jbox and i decided we're gonna be wedding planners and I am making an idea book. I'm excited about it. I shall scan things in that i find especially exciting. Also, I am resolved to visit more often. I just love her. I also love Jen. Jen is one of the creators of Ban do. This is a company that makes beautiful hair accessories similar to my feathery ones but a million zillion times better and classier. Anyways, this woman has the coolest life. She is a photographer, journalist, hair accessorie designer, and stylist. This is one of her blogs: my polaroid blog . I want to buy a ban do. Maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday this year.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

feather headbands and beer

It's been months since I wrote anything on here. I'm not sure why I've neglected but eh, it happens.I have been at my new job for about a month now. Hop Valley Brewing Company is a new brewery in Springfield OR. We brew our own beers and the food is quite good although our chef seems continually unaware that he works in a springfield (springtucky, as it is sometimes called). He is constantly frustrated by the public's inability to appreciate his complex foods, substituting american cheese for the chevre on our veggie sandwich and sending back burgers that appear to be underdone(apparently because we grind them in house and smoke the meat our coloring is different...?). The beers are tasty though. Even though I'm not a huge fan of strong beer I love a few drinks of the Vanilla Porter and the IPA. For the most part I really enjoy the people I'm working with. I work days so everything is very low key.
In other news I've given up meat and dairy. After some prodding from a friend I read Skinny Bitch and did some research online, concluding that meat was definately not for me and I could do without dairy. I miss dairy. I'm coming up on two weeks now and i miss cheese. Some of the fake dairy products are quite good. The cream cheese is spot on and the veganaise is perfect because I only like a little bit of mayo anyways. The sour cream is alright. Soy milk is different but still good. I was already using fake butter. The cheese however, is not even close. The texture is a bit much for me but I'm getting used to it. I've been browsing vegan cooking blogs and it looks promising. I'm not much of a cook but will need to learn as most restaurants don't cater to a vegan diet. I'm not being crazy strict about it. still eating honey, still had me some breadsticks at the olive garden last night. Lots of fruits and nuts is easy for me, but i'm not a very adventurous eater so expanding my veggie intake is difficult.
After all of my insisting that I wouldn't stay in eugene after I's looking like that's the case. I'm applying for some internships and jobs that I've come across online but if I can't find something that pays me pretty well, I just can't justify moving when I have two jobs and I'm making decent money. (especially with student loan payments looming) Jbox and I have discussed starting a wedding planning business which sounds lovely. She and I plan to live together next year but we haven't figured out the details. Margaret and Melissa seem to be intent on going to portland which is where I would like to live but I don't have the means or a guaranteed job there. Melissa has the benefit of being groomed for a state job and maggie has the benefit of her parents supporting her.
In less significant news, I made feather headbands last night. They are lovely and I want to make so many more. I sewed some crystals into them and bought some fun little trinkets to attach as well.
Also, I saw wicked. It was fantastic. So wonderfully staged and the costumes were incredible. The singing was beutiful and I just loved it. The vegan donut I got at voodoo afterwards was almost as good. :)