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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Icon Tattoo

When I get my tattoo(s), this is probably where I will go. I mean really, just look at it. It's like someone built a tattoo shop just for me. I LOVE Melanie's work(the owner) so I better start saving my monies. What monies you ask? Yeah, I don't know.

Monday, March 29, 2010

To do

I'm a list maker. They help me organize my thoughts and keep track of my shit. I'm a bit of a scatter brain. I spend time that would otherwise be used to actually DO things making lists of things I intend to do later. Was just going through my notebooks and enjoying my to do lists. I liked them so much that I took pictures of them. While everyone else was at lunch of course. Don't want them thinking I'm a weirdo.

Work Friends

Living in a mud puddle

I'm sitting here listening to the outrageous noise the rain is making on my office windows while checking the weather forecast. In the next 10 days the following things are predicted: rain, snow, rain, rain, rain, thunder, rain, huge rain, lightening, soggy pants, rain, clouds, rain, misty rain, rain, soggy shoes, rain, rain, mud-covered dog, rain, rain, rain,no point in doing my hair, rain, rain, and you guessed it...more rain. Getting depressed. However, days like this

are the reason that Oregon looks like this

and the reason that when days like this

happen, they're so green, beautiful, and incredible. Those beautiful days are just around the corner. (I see you, June...) And when that thermometer hits 65 you better believe all of us Portlanders will be outside in full force.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dolphin time

So I work with fantastic people. One of those fantastic people cut dolphin pictures out of a magazine and put them all over my desk. This made me really really REALLY happy because it makes no sense and now there are dolphins everywhere. No, I'm not taking them down. Probably ever.
My grandma used to have (still has?) a wooden bunny that she used to change with the seasons. He held a flag and had different fabric ears for each holiday. Adorable right?
So, my dolphins are filling that role. I give them new hats for each holiday.
Also, I named them. Lady, Tramp, Neil, Hannibal, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Ingrid, and Diddy.