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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awkward Family Photos

We had our housewarming party this last weekend and it was Awkward Family Photo themed. Basically, we encourage our friends to dress ridiculously (in groups or as individuals) and prepare to have their photos taken. We had a really great mix of people and an amazing time. Our new neighbors even popped in. Someone did fall through our deck a little bit. But just a little. It was really fun to have a house full of people and to remember that we throw an awesome party. Because seriously, we do. Here are a few highlights:

Looks like an exceptional senior portrait.

Yes, it is clear that our backdrop wasn't big enough.

Nothing but class.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I went on some pretty great dates in the last couple weeks.
The first one was with Pushkina. We went to the Rebuilding center to look for awesome things to use in our house. Then we went to Cup & Saucer and drank coffee and ate delicious coffee cake. It was a lovely afternoon on Mississippi.Pushkina reading things and being pretty.

Delicious coffee cake, The Merc, and Soy Latte with Hazelnut. Yes please.

And then last week Pat and I had probably my favorite date night ever. We had planned to hang out with friends but they all bailed on us so we went out on our own. We went to The Cheese Bar on Belmont. It's a little place and it's really adorable. We ate tasty tasty cheese and he picked great beers per usual and we just had a really nice evening. Then we met up with friends and after went to Pix Patisserie. We each picked three chocolates and taste tested. He went for the liqueur filled ones which were awful. And I went for delicious ones, showing my clearly superior taste in confectionery treats.
Inside of Pix. Pretty stinkin cute place.

Besides picking the best tasting chocolates I also picked the best looking ones. The one that's missing had a flamingo on it. The third one from the left is actually sparkly.

Speaking of good looking things, look how handsome he is! This is actually from yesterday and not this date but I do what I want. Also, he's going to blush quite a lot if he sees this.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flowers at work

So, not that this is something new and different for me but I've been neglecting this here blog of mine. I have good excuses though.
Excuse 1: I've been working a LOT. We had our first two events July 3rd and 14th. You can read a little about the 3rd here. It was The Oregon Garden's tenth anniversary. The 14th was Crystal Bowersox in concert. Anyway, many hours put into making these things happen. And I'm loving it.
Excuse 2: Just got working internet today. Moved into my house a month ago. No internet for a month. Pretty rough.

But here are some beautiful flowers blooming at work right now.