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Friday, June 5, 2009

what the fuck

Breaking news
My house is fully haunted. Offering evidences A and B
A-breakers that flip themselves off
B-doors that open and close on their own

This link lists ghost remedies. Among them,garlic hanging in doors(check) and painting your door red(check). Did the previous owners try to de-ghost the house?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


These are photos of the flowers that are growing at our house right now. I'm still deciding if I am going to pull up the bulbs and take them with me. Photos to come of my garden at the new house!

house, puppy

Joseph Monster Stalin Esqu. is my dog. He is at least half pit bull and was abandoned by his former owners and is still a little skinny but he's loving and hilarious.Also, as evidenced by this photo, a murderer of purple unicorns.

This is our house. It is near sweet life, laughing planet, and a lovely mexican supermercado with carnes frescas and delicious burritos.
Also, probably haunted. Notice the ghostlike blur (naysayers might call this a piece of lint or the cottonwood taking over the city). Also, tiny creepy door in jasons closet. Garlic hanging at the entrance of the garage. Spiders galore. kids hand prints all over the garage. General old house creepiness.
So I realize that my posting is erratic at best. eh.
Things that have happened:
My house got broken into and all of our shit got stolen
Box and Maggie moved into our new house.
I got a dog
Box got a cat

Things that are about to happen:
Graduation in 10 days
Student Loan payments begin
Move into the new place
Melissa and David Z peace out