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Saturday, December 27, 2008

oh me oh my

Christmas is over and thank goodness. I felt so behind this year.
But I did score a lovely date in portland with mr.heter that includes Wicked the musical. Yes please.

It's been a wintery disaster all over oregon, something we are not used to. Eugene has had it easy compared to salem and portland which are ice cubes. People living in places with real winter weather udoubtedly think we're giant weenies. The difference is that in places where snow is a regular occurance, plowing streets is part of the budget. gravel is put on more than two streets in town. People own chains and know how to drive in the snow. This is not the case in these parts. The city of eugene was basically worthless as far as fixing hazardous road conditions.
Anywhoo, the storms seem to be over and weather permitting, Myself and my ladies will be leaving for Denver on the 2nd. We're going to stay at an adorable pop culture themed Hotel in downtown Denver called the Curtis. This trip is our vacation/christmas present to eachother/do we wanna move here in June? trip. I'm basically missing a weeks worth of work to go, and will of course be dirt poor upon returning but hey, nothing new really.
This tuesday I am going to my first knitting circle. It was only a matter of time really.
I have also started teaching myself how to bead necklaces and other jewelery type things.Harder than you'd think. and more expensive.
I'm also reading the collected works of Jane Austen (although, despite the mammoth size of this book I have misplaced it in my home somewhere) and a biography of Andrew Jackson. Both delightful. I'm so looking forward to all my lovely just for me reading.
Oh, this is a delightful tidbit. My application for my degree was denied. Let me tell you why. Last year I took a History Class which was about europe overall but was supposed to count as the last course for my french minor as long as I did my final project on France. Which, I did. Sooo, the catch is that my advisor has to make the final call, saying that indeed this course counts. Several email exchanges were made where I was paranoid and probably annoying, making sure that this class would count. I was assured by my advisor over and over that there would be no issue. well guess what, ISSUE. whatever he was supposed to do to make my class count, he didn't do it. motherfucker. So now I get to do some hoop jumping. awesome. But for all practical purposes I'm graduated. And I don't plan to do a damn thing. Not a thing. I'm going to try to get another job, which is practically impossible since nobody is hiring. But i'm going to bead, and crochet, and
read, and just generally be an 80 year old woman.