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Saturday, December 26, 2009

pepperoni stick romance

Stockings are the favorite part of christmas in our house. We just all love the random little gifts. Anyways, my mom was opening her stocking, which my dad did for her, and she pulls out this long package and gets the happiest look on her face. "Are these what I think they are?" she smiles. She unwraps four tillamook pepperoni sticks and just couldn't be more pleased. I don't think I have seen my dad win so many points from a gift...ever. Not with beautiful jewelery, not with a day at the spa...never. She was so touched. Almost moved to tears I think.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

In love

with the flowers in this wedding. perfect.

Friday, December 11, 2009


is far far far too close. I lost track of time and I'm moving and have no idea what I am going to do. I love doing home made gifts, esp ornaments but haven't seen anything really fun and interesting that I would want to gift. Last year I made beaded snowflakes. I was so pleased with the result but I can't think of any equally elegant, interesting ornaments to make...

Listening to Christina Aguilera's Christmas Album

Always puts me in the spirit. Slowly cleaning my room and thinking about decorating for Christmas tonight.
I start a new job in Portland on Wednesday. Left Steve on good terms and ready to have a life again. Had the best night of sleep in months last night knowing that nobody is going to send me across the country at a moments notice. It was lovely.
Will be crashing with Melissa in her apartment while I look for a place, which I am SO excited for. I am going to live by myself (well, plus joseph) and I really think it will be a good thing. I can decorate however I want. I see so much floral in my future. And an octopus themed bathroom. Yeah, you heard me.
So sad to leave my roomies in the Eug but will see them often as I can't live without them. Looking for a place within blocks of Melissa and David Z. Can't wait.
I'm going to be working as an administrative assistant- similar to what I did for Steve minus laundering tighty whiteys and plus free time. 8-5, M-F. yes. please.
I will be putting in my two weeks at Marie's this weekend. So sad. I love my job there. And I love the people, especially my boss. I'm probably going to be a big fat mess on my last day.