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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Fun

I turned 24 last month and my lovely friends and boyfriend helped me celebrate by being wonderful people and being very sweet to me.
A few friends had a gathering at Shadypeak and I totally overdressed and shot a potato gun and smoked a bunch of swisher sweets. I know, kinda gross right? But I was celebrating. Don't worry, I've been coughing ever since and probably learned my lesson.
Pat and I went to a beer and cheese pairing at Rogue which was delicious and then to Andina for some tapas and the most delicious pina colada I've ever had. Pat made me try ceviche. For those of you that don't know, it's fish that's basically 'cooked' by being marinated in citrus juices. The acidity cooks it or whatever. Anyway. SICK. I eat fish mostly because I have a weakness for canned tuna and beer battered cod. Biting into ceviche was like pulling a fish out of the water and chomping down before it was dead. The texture, the look of it. Yech. But besides that, it was a lovely evening.
And then the next morning when I got home, my sweet room mates had made me cute signs and left me a piggy bank. The piggy bank is full of contributions from some of my closest friends so that I can get a tattoo. Pretty freaking awesome gift.

This is one of my favorite dresses. It's a $2.50 Goodwill Find.
Also, Jason got in a bicycle accident and tore up his face.
He doesn't normally look like that.
Yes, that's a star sticker on his face.

Andina was very cute/I bet the food is great.
Our appetizers were really good...besides the ceviche.
And this Pina Colada...yuummm

Sage advice for my 24th year includes: Don't get pregnant, don't ride your bike with a sleeping bag on your back (that's how Jason got hurt), don't smoke 1/2 a pack of swisher sweets, Do eat more burritos, Do be naked more often, and learn how to rap.

Now I actually have to get on top of my shit and decide what my tattoo will be...

I'm excited for 24 even though I'm starting to get scrunchy face wrinkles.
But besides the getting old part, I'm pumped. Pretty darn happy these days.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We haven't had the summeriest of summers here in the Willamette Valley. Last week, it was misting outside and about 65. Even for Oregon, that's a little strange in August. Things have warmed up in the last week or so but I took these photos last month of how awesome our clouds are. That's what I'm getting to, our awesome clouds which are the silver lining to not having warmth and sunshine during the summer. I have a thing for good clouds.
I like my clouds shadowy on one side with sun on the other so that they look painted into the sky. And I really like the ones with the flat bottoms and the lumpy tops. Yes, I know there are legitimate scientific names for all of these things but if you want cloud science wikipedia that biz-nass. If you want pure cloud love, then looky here:

Yay for my camera phone.