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Monday, April 25, 2011

someone new to be jealous of

Have stumbled across this blog before but in all my new spare time, I have been reading more blogs and today I spent about an hour on Cupcakes and Cashmere. Yikes, this girl is disgustingly impressive. Her blog is about baking and fashion. And all her amazing vintage shopping trips. And her incredible job. And her upcoming wedding. And her amazing hair. And her fantastic style.
Another girl crush to add to the list.

Monday, April 18, 2011


When we get our new house, I want a succulent garden in my room.
I've looked up instructions and as long as I have a good window, I should be good to go!
They're just so lovely and interesting looking.

I wish...

...that I lived somewhere/in a time when it was appropriate to carry a parasol.
So lovely.

Also, I want to go to the Kentucky Derby, just so I can wear a fabulous hat.

I'm making a 'southern comfort' wedding inspiration board. Soft colors, elegance, mason jars, old money, lace, sweet tea, big hats and pie.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eugene for a day

Yesterday I went to visit my friends Jessica and Jbox in Eugene, where I went to school and lived for 4 years. It was a lovely and relaxing day. And there were at least 3 solid hours of sunshine which at this point is incredible. Oregon is having the saddest spring in something like 50 years. Portland is closing public parks because they are mud pits. It's out of control.
But anyway, yesterday, I went to Eugene. Stopped at good ol Marie Calendars first to see my boss who I love dearly and still miss. Then Jessica and I took a walk in the sunshine to Cornucopia where they were having Philly Tuesday- A philly (beef, chicken, or tempeh), fries, and microbrew for $11.99! Ye Gads! Their Philly tempeh is one of my favorite sandwiches in the world, if not the universe. I should have taken a picture but I was too busy putting it in my face. Our next adventure was to walk to Sweet Life where we ordered an embarrassing amount of dessert.
From the left, clockwise: tres leche cake, lemon bar, coconut almond bar, and orange sour cream cake with chocolate mousse filling. We did have to get to go boxes.

When Jbox got off work we walked over to La Oficina which we had all seen but never been inside. It is a Mexican Applebees. My poor photo does not do it justice but there is shit all over the walls and they play soft rock favorites on the radio. The food was good, the service was good, and the decor was very festive.

All I did yesterday was eat, walk, and laugh. Such a good day with my lovely Eugene friends.


This building, that looks like books, in Portland. It's over by PSU. It made me very happy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So much fun

This wedding looks like a blasty blast.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shamrock Run

This post is delayed, but I ran a 5K!! I did it. And I did it in 34 minutes(and only used my inhaler once) which isn't terrible at all. I was right in the middle for my sex/age group.
This is Garey, Ben, and I right before the race. Ben kicked my ass by 10 minutes. Garey only beat me by about 5.
The camera's face detect latched on to my chestal region and Ben was simply trying to correct the technological misunderstanding. No funny business. And plus, Pat took the picture. And also stood in the rain and watched me finish.

So uh, go me. This has been a goal of mine for years.

And, here's some unsolicited advice from a fitness non-expert: fun fact, I listened to a book on tape during the race. I find that it helps me zone out and just run and listen to the story. If you have a hard time with running/exercise because you're not one of those people who loves torturing yourself and the whole time you're watching the clock, buy a book you've been wanting to read or one of your favorites on tape and listen to it while you work out. You'll get so into the story that when the elliptical shuts off or you finish your run around the river front, you'll wonder where the time went.

That being said, I haven't run since the 5k (March 13). I know! I know! Those women I've been running with at work turned the whole experience into this 'motivational' thing where they guilt each other into running and if one of us isn't they ask why and it's just...not for me. So I got really irritated and didn't want to run. It's something I do for me and it became about not feeling guilty and not hearing about how lazy I am from women I work with. So I stopped. But today when I put away my laundry, I repacked my gym bag and it will go to work with me on Monday. And I will run by myself and not be a grump.

Pretty Standard

'little' brother and mom. Never a dull moment.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Taking pills

Here is another story about my family. There really haven't been as many of these as I had hoped because 1. I'm not home very many waking hours and 2.I'm terrible about writing them down and then they just fade into the general din of ridiculous that is living with my parents.

I found this story scribbled into the notebook I carry in my purse. The note was from mid-January. After January 12th, I'm pretty sure. I will try to reconstruct.

My dad had been coughing and my mother suggested cough medicine. Simple solution right? wrong. Despite the brevity of this story, I want to emphasize that I noted in my scribbles that the decision took over a half hour.

My mother comes out of the bedroom with cold and cough pills. She hands them to my father. He holds them at arms length dis-trustingly.
She returns to the bedroom and brings out liquid cough medicine. He does not reach for it. They both put on their spectacles, hold the medicine as far as possible away from their faces, and try to discern the expiration date. I assume that this is to make sure that we are not poisoning my dad.
We go through the 'is it a sell by date or an expiration date' debate and settle on sell by for the purposes of this exercise.
Mom exclaims "1/12!" and rushes back to her room to put the liquid medicine away.
My father and I look at each other and attempt to yell down the hall that 1/12 means January 2012 not January 12th of this year, silly mom. And besides, it's ridiculous that she's putting away the medicine that she believes is about to expire/just expired/has surpassed its shelf life instead of throwing it away. She doesn't hear us and comes back, stating authoritatively "you have to take the pills"
I explain, exasperated, the mix-up that she's made. She stares blankly at me.
"yeah, I KNOW what 1/12 means. That's why he has to take the pills. They expire sooner. The other stuff is good for a year. "
So, my dad wasn't allowed to take the liquid medicine- not because it was expired, but because it had way too much life left in it.

New Rule: You must consume whichever medicine expires sooner/has already expired. We don't want to waste the good stuff.