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Friday, July 3, 2009

this blog post is far too long

Sometimes when I don't write on here for a while I get really overwhelmed about what I should post. How will I remember the things that I wanted to share over such a long period of time? Is there anything worth sharing? And then I get a complex about my life.
Marie Calenders wants to make me a supervisor. Heaven knows I need the money. I'm going to take the position but in the interest of not letting myself get stuck in a restaurant for years I'm trying to find something with more substance during the days. I've registered with Americorps and am looking for something through their listings but everything I love requires travel and giving up my other job. While this is something I would love to do, just like moving to Portland or Woofing or wandering around the country....there's one little problem. Student Loans. My payments are so hefty that I have to have a steady job. I can't do anything that doesn't guarantee a certain amount of income. So I'm searching for something in Eugene. I've found a couple things that I need to write cover letters for. I hate writing cover letters. I guess I just don't know how to do it properly. I still would love to do something in Wedding Planning but I guess I don't know where to start and none of the planners in town have taken me up on my offer of free help.
Even though I feel a little stuck in Eugene I still love it here. Everything is so pretty here right now and there are delicious burritos at the supermercado across the street, sugary crunchy amazing waffles available till midnight a couple blocks down, and a lovely park around the corner.
The country fair is next weekend and I can't afford to take time off which is so depressing. So I'll just have to rush my way through during the day and then head to work. And really, how am I supposed to get my boobs painted if I have to go to work after?(ps- I don't know them. found them on google)
There are a couple of documentaries coming out that I'm really excited about. One is Food Inc and the other is Houston We Have a Problem. I know that the Bijou is going to be playing Food Inc and I'm going to see how many people will come see it with me. My guess is not many. For some reason most people I know would rather not know what they are putting in their bodies. Not that I'm perfect. I ate like half a bag of ruffles yesterday.
I've been watching a shit ton of CNN lately. And before MJ died, it was actually really informative. For the first time in a long time I felt like I had an idea what was going on in the world and didn't feel like a disgrace to Political Science majors everywhere. But since Michael died, all I know about is Michael. I'm curious of course, just like everyone else. But I really wish that he was the second or third story and not the first. There's still a lot of important shit going on all over the world.
Speaking of Michael, that was an odd moment. Michael Jackson died. How weird is that? Box and I were on our way out to the video store when we heard. Blew my mind. She made a good point when she asked me "Are we seriously old enough for our celebrities to be dying?" My mom called me to see if I had heard, and while I was calling her back she was on the phone with my brother to see if he'd heard. It was kind of surreal. I grew up on MJ. My brother and I were obsessed. Anyways, I've been listening to nothing but Michael for about a week now.
In other news that has absolutely nothing to do with my life, how fucking sad is Jon and Kate?
That's all I have to say about that.
The fourth of July is this weekend and I'm going to be at Marie Calenders. I'm really bummed. I love being at my parent's house for the fourth. Drunken family and fireworks. And veggie dogs that my mom buys special for me :).

oh, and I graduated.