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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

That one time I was in a Rom Com

So I had this dream last night that I was walking along and I saw a guy playing a Jason Mraz song with a bunch of other guys listening. I went over to listen and they were all staring at me. Eventually someone (who looked a lot like Nick Miller from New Girl) that this was a men's club. No women. 
I was taken aback because this was in a park and plus- men only? Where are we?

Anyway, I left and ran into the wives, who told me a bit about this strange men's club. As I was talking to the wives, the men came over (must have finished their Jason Mraz jam party?) and heard me making fun of their little club. Nick Miller got all Nick-Miller-grumpy with me and then asked if I could do better. I said I could and they made me their social director.

Then my dream got all Rom Com movie trailer montage on me ( A girl as a men's club social director? How quirky!). Me and a bunch of guys on splash mountain (I think? I've never been), me and a bunch of guys playing paintball, me and a bunch of guys playing in a waterfall (they were all really awkward in the beginning of the dream but they were better looking by the time we got to the waterfall) and obviously me and Nick Miller falling in love (sorry, honey. It's Nick Miller!). It probably ends with the guys letting their wives be in the club because me and Nick Miller are having so much fun. But I don't know, I woke up.

Sometimes my dreams are movie trailers?