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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Notebook as told by Pat

Today Pat and I somehow got onto the subject of The Notebook. Probably because there's this funny little thingy floating around the internet. It's the clip where Noah is yelling at Allie next to her car "What do you WANT?" and it says something like "me every time my girlfriend tries to decide where to eat." Or something. ANYWAY.
He's only seen the movie once, half asleep. Apparently he thought it was boring and based on a couple things he said I got the impression he might have missed some key plot points. So I asked him to tell me what happens in the movie:
"Ryan Gosling is the right guy, but she picks the wrong guy. I don't know his name. Then they get old and somehow end up running into each other or something. And she picked the wrong guy so she gets all confused and upset."
This is as good a reason as any to re-watch The Notebook in the very near future.