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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bathroom musings

My office is inside the main lodge of The Oregon Garden Resort and I use the same rest room as our restaurant and hotel guests. We also have lots of groups come through for conferences, etc. Basically, I hear lots of different women having conversations that should probably be private. They figure because they are in a hotel where nobody knows them it's fine. And they're right. I don't care about their husbands, their diets, or really gross surgeries.
Usually the most interesting/weird things are things they say to themselves. They think they are alone or they don't care that they aren't. I'm not sure. A couple recent favorites:
A very elderly lady walked into our bathroom and said out loud "MY, this is basic." This is such a bizarre thing to say about a bathroom. Of course it's basic, it's a bathroom. We don't have chaise lounges but we have toilets, stalls, sinks, and sometimes flowers on the counter. I'm not really sure what she expected. Bathroom attendant? Rose petal showers upon entry? We are in Silverton. Also, who was she telling? Me? While I peed?
In the same day, a woman came into the bathroom, entered the stall, grunted and whispered "supper time." It was terrifying. There's just nothing else to say about that.