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Saturday, January 3, 2015

15 goals for 2015

I've posted lists here in the past. I'm aiming for measurable and attainable goals this time.
This is inspired by my handsome friend Patrick's 30 by 30 list. Some of these goals I just straight up stole from him. Because they are good ones. 
1. Learn to knit. Complete 3 projects.
2. Read 12 new books.
3. Pay off 2 credit cards.
4. Complete the training plan created for me by my badass fitness coach friend, Echo.
5. Cook one recipe from each of my cook books.
6. Go on 12 hikes.
7. Finally visit Crater Lake.
8. Visit the Portland Art Museum.
9. Complete 200 workouts of at least 45 minutes each.
10. Empty my T-shirt drawer by upcycling or tossing them all out.
11. Learn 4 new line dances and/or partner dances.
12. Go roller skating at Oaks Park.
13. Re-learn how to play chess.
14. Complete 12 blog entries on this here blog. I promise myself to write more every year, and then I don't. One per month seems reasonable. This one doesn't count.
15.Stay within the budget Pat and I have set.