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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving with my family pt. 3- Balls Out!

While I went to tea, Pat went bowling with my uncles, dad and brother. Then, they came home and apparently my dad developed a craving for Jager. So as I'm coming home from tea my dad is making a liquor store run.
He comes back and my dad, brother, and boyfriend drink a bottle of jager one shot at a time at our kitchen table.
None of them are seeming as drunk as they should so my dad lets us know that he has some tequila in the garage. My mom says, and I quote, "aha! Tequila! Balls Out!"
Tequila does not happen, instead Pat and I watch our stories (American Horror Story and Walking Dead) On Demand, sober up, and then drive home at midnight so that Pat can watch his English soccer game in bed in the morning.